July is my very favorite month of the year because it just screams "summertime" to me . . . I LOVE heat and long days. Whenever a Couple asks me about what month is the best time for the best weather and the best chance of not having rain I always tell them July, if they don't mind if it's hot.

The second and third weeks of the month feature the most overall flowering of the entire season. July considerations are the heat but also usually the most reliable to avoid rain.

I have tons of DAYLILIES planted all over the Island; when I first decided to plant down there, my original thought was to breed Daylilies and that's why I bought so many. Later, I reconsidered against it. Early Daylilies start the end of June but progress in quantity of the number of plants in flower to their zenith about the second and third weeks of July. After that they gradually deminish in the number still in bloom but many stay in bloom most of the rest of the season.

There are also so many other plants in bloom. The canopy of the Flowering Gazebo in covered with the TRUMPET VINES, both a huge red one and a smaller yellow. Sitting under them is like sitting under a large shade tree, so much cooler and out of the sun.

The multiple colored DAHLIAS are gradually starting to open about the end of the month.

Open this folder for a very revealing tour of the Island to show you what it looks like during the beginning half of July and the last half.

Because the Waterfall was built during summer of 2017 my photos do not match July flowers or plants; some pictures may have fallen leaves or autumn colored foliage. I felt it important to include photos in each folder so you would see what it looks like should this be the only folder you see. This upcoming season will be a time of planting and helping it look more established than just bare boulders. Know that it will only become more beautiful as time goes on and new photos will be available after the upcoming season.