October is the most unpredictable month of all; I cannot know if the weather will be a sunny 75-degrees or a cold, windy and rainy 45-degrees which will require heat to stay comfortable. We remain open until Sweetest Day weekend because that's such a desired date, just know the weather can be totally unknowable until it's here. Some Couples also want fall flowers and colors with this time of the season which I cannot promise to what degree they will be available.

The flowers are pretty much the same as have been going for a few weeks: DAHLIA, ROSES, a few late CLEMATIS, CHRYSANTHEMUM, ASTER, VERONICA, CONTINUAL SUMMER-LONG BLOOMING ANNUALS such as PETUNIA and SALVIA, GERANIUM, perennial AGERATUM and ANEMONES. More flowers will bloom with warmer temps, cooler temps slow the regeneration because even nature knows it will soon be slowing to a stop and taking a several month long nap, only to awaken next Spring.

The TALL GRASS is still a beautiful backdrop this entire season.

Open this folder for a very revealing tour of the Island to show you what it looks like during the first few weeks of October.