September is my very favorite month of all for the Flowering Gazebo because of the total transformation which begins with the growth of the Morning Glories. When I first dreamed of this gazebo in my head, I imagined a shelter totally smothered under the growth of the foliage above. Very dependant upon the heat, rain and cold of nights, September begins this transformation.

You will see some years where by mid-month the MORNING GLORIES are in full flower, creating such an amazing display. Some years, because it's either been drier or the evenings are cooler, the foliage is really starting to grow but the flowers are not as many as they are very sensitive to the temperatures. Morning Glories open very early in the morning and close in the afternoon with the heat from the sun; if it's a cloudy overcast day they may last into late afternoon.

MOONFLOWERS are of the same family as the Morning Glory; they open at night and close in the morning. I also plant MOONFLOWER VINES which look like white Morning Glories but they also open at night and close in the morning. But both of these flowers help the Flowering Gazebo totally transform before your eyes during your late evening Ceremony or Reception.

DAHLIA are at their best now with all of them in flower. Some have flowers up to 6" across, others are only a couple inches wide. They all continue non-stop until after my season is closed and they have to be put away and protected for the winter.

ROSES are a cool season plant so they absolutely love the cooler days and evenings. They will be in bloom but more so if it's more to the temps of their preferances. CHRYSANTHEMUM and ASTERS are in the Flowering Gazebo and add color to gap areas right up until the end of the season. GAURA and CONTINUAL SUMMER-LONG BLOOMING ANNUALS such as PETUNIA and SALVIA continue their display.

White Gaura are also in bloom in the circle bed around the white Tree Wisteria; they are one of my favorite flowers because they look like little dancing butterflies swarming their area.

SEVEN SONS FLOWER TREE has a long season with white flowers during August which turn into beautiful dark pink sepals which glow in the setting sun.

TALL GRASSES are grown to about 5' tall and begin their highly attractive flowerhead display.

Open this folder for a very revealing tour of the Island to show you what it looks like during the beginning half of September and the last half.

Because the Waterfall was built during summer of 2017 my photos may not match September flowers or plants; some pictures may have fallen leaves or autumn colored foliage which comes a few weeks later. I felt it important to include photos in each folder so you would see what it looks like should this be the only folder you see. This upcoming season will be a time of planting and helping it look more established than just bare boulders. Know that it will only become more beautiful as time goes on and new photos will be available after the upcoming season.