Middle to Late July

The third week is the culmatation of the only midseason blooming DAYLILIES. After that there are still repeat or late-blooming Daylilies in bloom but their quantity starts to decrease by the end of July. They gradually deminish in the number still in bloom but many stay in bloom most of the rest of the season. Daylilies begin to open the end of June and continue to progress to a cresendo the second and third weeks of July. Though the Island is always in foliage and flower, these two weeks are the best. Orginially I had intended to breed Daylilies, that's why I have so many. But what a gorgeous display they present!

The canopy of the Flowering Gazebo in covered with the TRUMPET VINES, CLEMATIS, ROSES and HONEYSUCKLE are still in strong flower on the Flowering Gazebo canopy. Honeysuckles are in full bloom, calling all hummingbirds in the area. Red and yellow Trumpet Vines also start showing off as they try to compete for your attention. Sporadically the purple WISTERIA sends out occasional flowers. CLIMBING ROSES intertwined with CLEMATIS still make the posts extra showy. Sitting under this structure is like sitting under a large shade tree, so much cooler and out of the sun.

But, there are still so many other flowers in bloom that it's not really a big deal unless you want the absolute most flowers overall. ** MALVA, CLEMATIS, ROSES, SCABIOSA, PHLOX, MINIATURE DAISIES, DAYLILIES, GERANIUM, BALLOON FLOWERS, VERONICA** and DELPHINIUM spikes and CONTINUAL SUMMER-LONG BLOOMING ANNUALS such as PETUNIA and SALVIA.

The ROSE-OF-SHARON HIBISCUS begins it's beautiful lavender month-long season of bloom.

The multiple colored DAHLIAS are gradually starting to open about the end of the month.