By June the Island is in full growth and beauty with several flower varieties in bloom throughout the month. The end of June is the transition period between early summer flowers and summer flowers with a complete change ahead. The canopy is completely in foliage in June, creating a dense shade beneath to escape the heat of the su,.

There is a reason June is known as the Rose month; cool and rainy weather of Spring is just what ROSES love.

CLEMATIS come on strong during June with several varieties helping to continual the season all summer long. Clematis colors range from white to light pink, medium pink, variegated pinks, dark pinks, mauve pinks, dark reds, light blue, dark blue, light lavender, medium purple to violet. The entire month of June is filled with a beautiful of non-stop Clematis either climbing the posts or winding across the center wire behind every flowerbed.

Open this folder for a very revealing tour of the Island to show you what it looks like during the beginning half of June and the last half.

Because the Waterfall was built during summer of 2017 my photos do not match June flowers or plants; some pictures may have fallen leaves or autumn colored foliage. I felt it important to include photos in each folder so you would see what it looks like should this be the only folder you see. This upcoming season will be a time of planting and helping it look more established than just bare boulders. Know that it will only become more beautiful as time goes on and new photos will be available after the upcoming season.