Middle to Late May

As the WISTERIA begin to bloom about mid-May, first the purple opens, then the pink and finally the white -- which elongates the total blooming period to 2 or 3 weeks, depending on how quickly it warms, which hastens the flowers demise . Wisteria's bloom period is very unpredictable because it is so dependant upon when the weather warms in Spring; one early warming year it bloomed the end of April, usually it's about the third week of May.

The canopy of the Flowering Gazebo is not leafed out yet; the Wisteria foliage begins opening while the pink Wisteria is in flower. By the time the flowers begin to fall, the foliage is coming out to begin shading the canopy.

During the same time, TREE PEONIES begin their blooming, followed by regular GARDEN PEONIES.

CLEMATIS also begin their multi-colored long flowering season climbing the posts during this same time.

The Island is very green and plants are coming up all over and trees beginning to leaf out; it is very pretty and becoming lush with green.

While up in our front yard the DOGWOOD and REDBUD may still be in bloom, BLEEDING HEARTS, FERNS and HOSTA are starting to grow and SPRING FLOWERS start singing their delight at the warm weather on its way.

I love this time of year! The greens are so bright and fresh and the spring flowers are so happily colored that it makes us just want to get outside and enjoy the disappearance of winter.

If you would like your Spring Wedding while the Wisteria is in bloom, the most reliable time period is May 19-27 but there can be no guarentee because I cannot know in advance when it will turn warm with the onset of Spring.

I will allow a week early of the Memorial Day start if this is your desire with a wedding no larger than 100 people.