Early to Middle September

If TRUMPET VINE are still in bloom across the canopy of the Flowering Gazebo, they are deminished in flowers quantity but their foliage is still a heavy creator of cooling shade. The red and the yellow HONEYSUCKLE are still going strong in their opposite sides. CLIMBING ROSES are still in bloom but, as the weather cools, will probably pick up the quantity of blooms.

MOONFLOWERS are of the same family as the Morning Glory; they open at night and close in the morning. I also plant MOONFLOWER VINES which look like white Morning Glories but they also open at night and close in the morning. But both of these flowers help the Flowering Gazebo totally transform before your eyes during your late evening Ceremony or Reception. Both varieties of Moonflowers may start to open early but will by mid-month as they also climb to the top of the Flowering Gazebo.

DAHLIA are at their best now with them in flower all month long. Some have flowers up to 6" across, others are only a couple inches wide. They all continue non-stop until after my season is closed and they have to be put away and protected for the winter.

ROSES are a cool season plant so they absolutely love the cooler days and evenings. They will be in bloom but more so if it's more to the cooler temps of their preferances. CHRYSANTHEMUM and ASTERS are in the Flowering Gazebo and add color to gap areas right up until the end of the season. GAURA and CONTINUAL SUMMER-LONG BLOOMING ANNUALS such as PETUNIA and SALVIA continue their display.

ANEMONES, GERANIUM, VERONICA spikes, CHRYSANTHEMUM and ASTERS are all in the process of showing off to each other. Plus, CONTINUAL SUMMER-LONG BLOOMING ANNUALS such as PETUNIA and SALVIA flower right until a hard frost.

White Gaura are also in bloom in the circle bed around the white Tree Wisteria; they are one of my favorite flowers because they look like little dancing butterflies swarming their area.

SEVEN SONS FLOWER TREE has a long season with white flowers during August which turn into beautiful dark pink sepals which glow in the setting sun.

TALL GRASSES are grown to about 5' tall and begin their highly attractive flowerhead display.