Ceremony & Reception

Large Reception tent (heated and sides as needed), tables with linens & napkins, chairs, wood parquet dance floor, private restrooms, decorating and dress rehearsal times, tiki torches and solar lights beautifully outline the evening Island.

As desired: Engagement photo shoot location,
Cedar Gazebo enclosure curtains and our Old Rugged Cross.

You are welcome to creatively add other decorations
-- most girls feel they don't need many flowers because I have so many.

Ceremony & Reception size limit is 150 people

Ceremony & Reception:

C25 ------ 25 GUESTS ---- $3,250.00
C50 ------ 50 GUESTS ---- $3,500.00
C75 ------ 75 GUESTS ---- $3,750.00
C100 -- 100 GUESTS ---- $4,000.00
C125 -- 125 GUESTS ---- $4,250.00
C150 -- 150 GUESTS ---- $4,500.00

Deluxe Ceremony & Reception:

ALL VENUE AMENITIES, everything listed above, plus: Flowering Gazebo swag curtains, brown Cedar Gazebo side privacy curtains, decorated Swing, portable Archway located as you desire, head table Couple's Throne seating, additional time at venue, hand-painted signs and many additional venue amenities, casual seating around the Island, pontoon rides for guests around the lake and use of our firepit and front yard for added space for activities.

DC25 ----- 25 GUESTS ---- $3,750.00
DC50 ----- 50 GUESTS ---- $4,000.00
DC75 ----- 75 GUESTS ---- $4,250.00
DC100 -- 100 GUESTS ---- $4,500.00
DC125 -- 125 GUESTS ---- $4,750.00
DC150 -- 150 GUESTS ---- $5,000.00

Super Deluxe Ceremony & Reception:

EVERYTHING LISTED ABOVE, plus: ALL-INCLUSIVE package for your convenience: Venue coordinates all vendors for Ceremony and Reception, setup and cleanup. Venue manages details among my favorite highest quality vendors for Catered Food, Cake, Drinks, Music/DJ, Photographer and Officiant. Contact Venue for further information at increased prices.

--> Save-the-Date deposit of $1,000.00; process begins with payment.
--> Prices listed are for Saturdays; other days are less.
--> Holiday weekends surcharge: Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day.

(bottom photo by DaveTree Photography)