Wedding Couples

"It was a pleasure to meet
and work with both of you.
I hope I can be at your venue again.
In the 4 states I work
it's really one of the top ones for beauty!
The way you combine nature and
a professional Wedding venue is amazing.
Yours is all natural
where others spend more time tearing down
and putting in man-made items and redecorating.
I work in Michigan a lot
and your place is really the most beautiful.
I will recommend you to all my Northern Indiana
and Southern Michigan couples.
I hope to see you both again in the future.
God bless!

-- Ron Burt, DJ; Magic Moment Entertainment

I am in love with your venue.
Words can not describe how it makes me feel.
All I've ever wanted is to feel like a
woodland fairy on my wedding day.

-- Deanna

Always in transformation, like a living kaleidoscope of horticultural artistry, we become active participants in the ever-changing natural beauty of the Island.

(bottom photo by Allison Wright Studios)