Prices and Packages

As only a romanticized thought in 2001
and with meticulous patience,
finally this lush whimsical dream has grown into
exactly what I imagined all those years ago
. . . a magical fairy-tale-like escape
that I'm happy to now share with our community.

"Josh and I looked at other wedding venues and
none of them have really stuck out to me like yours."

"My fiance and I are going to book our wedding at your venue.
Your venue is a dream and there is
nowhere else I would rather book to have my special day."

-- Amanda

Wedding and Vow Renewal overview

As Coldwater Michigan's service oriented outdoor Venue, packages provide basic structural necessities for every Ceremomy and Reception. Mindful this is one of the most important days of your life, my husband and I work very hard all year to help make everything perfect and personally oversee every event.

As my full-time job, I artistically create new venue items through the off-season, making fresh projects for every new season. I consider that photo you'll hang on your wall the rest of your lives as a reminder of your Wedding on my Island to be filled with one-of-a-kind real-life images you've imagined your whole life and won't find anywhere else -- my goal is to help those dreams come true. I remember fairytale princesses being carried off by their knights in shining armour to marry beneath a secret lush private garden exclusively grown for their wedding one day; I've tried to recreate this mental image just for you and your memories which will live on for generations.

Often overwhelming, I assist as you plan and offer area vendors and helpful advice learned from previous Weddings; my goal is for everyone's experience here to be a relaxing and pleasant memory you enjoy talking about, sharing with others for years to come and recommending to others for their weddings.

I have been looking at the pictures from your website and I love what you have done with the land
and how personal you have made it feel, which is exactly what we are looking for.

-- Hibah
I am newly engaged and interested in an outdoor wedding.
This location looks breathtaking and more in line with my vision than anything I've seen so far.

-- Chelsea

This one acre private Island Escape has plenty of room for two gazebos surrounded by continuously-blooming flower gardens to interest your Wedding guests before they retreat inside your Reception tent. Our spacious and well-maintained grounds provide a large calming waterfall, melodious background sounds of huge chimes, peaceful soft grass for walking barefoot, encouraging guests to linger and relax in available chairs while inviting children to laugh and play together. Filled with natural splendor and sounds, we happily share our little hidden-away paradise with delicate butterflies and dragonflies, uninhibited singing birds and occasionally majestic swans or herons. Our normally calm lake is very often treated to a sky painted with an amazing late afternoon sunset or blackened and star-filled after darkness sets in.

In our often cluttered every day life today, when many rarely encounter the quiet peacefulness of the outdoors, how refreshing it is to escape, sit back and absorb this artistry as only nature is able to provide for a few stress-free hours. You are welcome to entertain your most treasured family and friends as you celebrate on our blissful little personal Island.

We limit our number of Weddings per season to protect our Island's beauty and keep our high quality all season long to the very last Wedding.

"On top of their place being just beautifully amazing,
they are always adding new decor.
Their heart and soul is in this business,
and you can tell they not only truly enjoy what they do,
but they also care about the couples booking their wedding with them
and help personalize each couples wedding day.
This is my favorite place to shoot at,
but not just because it is a beautifully landscaped place on the lake,
but because of the service oriented business that they run."

-- Melissa; ML Photography and Bride

-- Brittany Olson; Brittany Snook Photography

"Every time I drive by your lake I always look at your little Island! You have the most beautiful venue around!"
-- Kim; The Inner Light Photography & Design

I hope is to help you achieve your Wedding or Vow Renewal dreams.

(You may see porta potties in some of the older photos; in 2016 we built our own tucked away restrooms.)

(bottom photo is the Flowering Gazebo,
the most used Ceremony location on the Island)