Early to Middle June

There is a reason June is known as the Rose month; cool and rainy weather of Spring is just what Roses love. The Flowering Gazebo posts begin their long summer-long blooming season with CLIMBING ROSES and each flowerbed contains 2 or more ROSES.

GARDEN PEONIES are plenty supply at the beginning of the month along with the early emergence of CLEMATIS of all varieties. Every post has a climbing Rose and intertwining Clematis, a beautiful combination blooming together.

On the south opening the red-flowering and humming bird loving HONEYSUCKLE has already started it's long season of bloom which extends right up to early winter.

SWEET WILLIAMS are scattered around and give several weeks of bloom. ROSE shrubs are inside every flowerbed. SCABIOSA, VERONICA and DELPHINIUM spikes add beautiuful pink, lavenders and blues. CONTINUAL SUMMER-LONG BLOOMING ANNUALS such as PETUNIA and SALVIA are planted yearly and continue right up until the end of the season.